Waterworks Reserve Upper Reservoir Dam Upgrade

What's this project all about?

TasWater is undertaking essential infrastructure upgrades to Upper Reservoir Dam at Waterworks Reserve from February 2021 that are anticipated to run through to November 2021.

The Upper Reservoir Dam is over 150 years old and is a valuable aspect of Waterworks Reserve and critical to Hobart’s water supply. Central to the works are upgrades and improvements to the dam. These upgrades will help to ensure the continued security of our water supply.

Works involved with the upgrade include:

  • Modifications to the embankment to enhance its future safe performance including raising the dam wall, raising the earth at the crest of the dam for safer access, modifying drainage, revegetation and upgrading the fencing
  • Improvements to the dam infrastructure include stormwater management upgrades, outlet works refurbishment and installation of performance monitoring facilities
  • Upgrades to Depot Road.

To complete the upgrade safely, the water level in the Upper Reservoir Dam must be drawn down temporarily. The water level of the dam will gradually be lowered to complete works and will be reinstated once the works are complete.

Community impact

We are pleased to announce the lower and upper reservoir walking trails, as well as the dam crest and Depot Road have been re-opened to the public.

While minor remediation works will continue to take place across the work zone, an intermittent closure of Depot Road and the dam crest may be required in early January. In this event, traffic management will safely guide the community around the work zone.

TasWater and the City of Hobart would like to thank those visiting Waterworks Reserve and regular track users for their patience and understanding while these important infrastructure upgrades take place to enable continued water surety for the broader community.

For more information

For more about the sites, please visit the City of Hobart project page.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this project, please contact our Community and Stakeholder Engagement team, on 13 6992 or via email: enquiries@taswater.com.au

Project timeline

The upgrades to Upper Reservoir Dam at Waterworks Reserve commenced in February 2021

Major works were completed in November 2021

Final remedial works are scheduled for completion by January 2022

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