Lower Prosser Dam Safety Upgrade

What's this project all about?

Lower Prosser Dam is used as the main water storage for the township of Orford. In 2018, a strategic business case was approved to investigate an upgrade to reduce safety risks and improve the operation and maintenance of the asset. 
In 2021, TasWater completed investigations at the dam and will now progress to a dam safety review to inform the most appropriate upgrade solution.

For more information

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this project, please contact Samuel Paske, TasWater Community and Stakeholder Engagement, on 13 6992 or via email: enquiries@taswater.com.au

Project timeline

Strategic business case approved in 2018

Engineering geology investigations completed in 2021 

What's next?
Engage the services of a consultant in FY21/22 to assist in undertaking a dam safety review

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Please contact Samuel Paske, TasWater Community & Stakeholder Engagement. 

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