Hi, I'm Bob

Have we met before? Maybe? Sometimes I forget… 
Anyway, I’m here to tell you something incredibly important: we all think there’s an endless supply of water. But sometimes we forget that we have only so much water in our bowl. 
True! It’s valuable stuff! And we only have so much to go around. And around. And around…
I mean, who better understands living with a finite amount of water than yours truly? We can’t just click our fins and get more, no-no-no. 
That’s why we all need to look after our water. 
Even better, we need to love our water! That’s my job – reminding us all just how precious water is.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me, so don’t forget to check the socials and the telly and the paper, and keep coming back here for more info.

And in the meantime, check out these water-happy links for more information from the good folk at TasWater: