Tankered Trade Waste Customers

What is tankered waste?

Tankered waste contractors play an important role in the community by removing liquid wastes from residential, commercial and industrial premises.  TasWater is committed to providing a service to safely receive and treat tankered waste from approved sources.  The acceptance of tankered waste requires careful management to ensure that the water is safely received and treated to standard which meets our environmental discharge licenses at the receiving sewage treatment plant.

Please see our online application form or download and complete an application form and send to tradewaste@taswater.com.au

TasWater is currently reviewing our requirements for receiving tankered waste at sewage treatment plants and this section of the website will be updated as new information becomes available.  If you have any enquiries regarding tankered waste please contact tradewaste@taswater.com.au

Financial year 2021-22 tankered waste charges/disposal facility

 Disposal Locations (STP)  Management Fee ($/load)  Deemed Acceptable Waste ($/kL)  Consented Waste ($/kL)
 Macquarie Point  $44.59  $27.36  $27.36
 Prince of Wales  $44.59  $22.07  $54.42
 Knights Road STP  $44.59  $9.88  N/A
 Rokeby  $44.59  $19.31  N/A
 East Coast  $44.59  $10.44  N/A
 Ti Tree Bend  $44.59  $34.36  N/A
 Newnham  $44.59  $34.36  N/A
 George Town  $44.59  $15.72  N/A
 Stieglitz  $44.59  $8.99  N/A
 Scottsdale  $44.59  $15.72  N/A