Tankered Trade Waste Customers

What is tankered waste?

Tankered waste contractors play an important role in the community by removing liquid wastes from residential, commercial and industrial premises.  TasWater is committed to providing a service to safely receive and treat tankered waste from approved sources.  The acceptance of tankered waste requires careful management to ensure that the water is safely received and treated to a standard which meets our environmental discharge licenses at the receiving sewage treatment plant.

The transportation of Controlled Waste requires a licence from EPA Tasmania

All businesses that wish to cart tankered waste to a TasWater facility are required to be registered with us.

Please email us for more information or assistance at [email protected]

Deemed Quality Waste

These types of tankered waste are generally accepted at our sewage treatment plants without a contractual agreement. 
They include waste from;

  • septic systems
  • grease-trap systems
  • stormwater
  • greywater

Special Approved Waste

All other types of tankered waste require special approval and a testing regime. If approved, then a contract is issued, and the waste incurs a higher charge.

The following legislation outlines concentrations and mass load limits for accepting waste to sewer. Schedules 2 and 3 are particularly relevant to acceptance of Tankered Waste.

Testing requirements may be varied according to the type of wastewater.

See our Special Approved Waste application form (DOCX 63.5KB) or contact us for more details.

Tankered waste disposal charges from 1st July 2023 - click here for normal opening hours

Our project team will be conducting odour sampling at the Macquarie Point STP on Tuesday, March 5th, and Thursday, March 7th. 
This sampling will specifically occur adjacent to the tanker discharge point at the inlet works.

We want to inform you that during these sampling days, we will need to temporarily restrict tanker deliveries as needed to complete the odour sampling runs. 
Each sampling run will take approximately 30 minutes, and we anticipate conducting around 8 sample runs each day (4 with tankers discharging and 4 without). 
Our aim is to minimise any inconvenience to you and your drivers as much as possible

Management Fee ($/load): $50.14

Disposal Locations (STP)

Deemed Quality Waste ($/kL)

Special Approved Waste ($/kL)

Macquarie Point, Hobart $24.82 $30.77
Prince of Wales, Derwent Park $24.82 $57.82
Knights Road, Ulverstone $11.11 N/A
Rokeby $21.71 N/A
East Coast $11.74 N/A
Ti Tree Bend, Launceston $38.64 N/A
Newnham $38.64 N/A
George Town $17.68 N/A
Stieglitz $11.74 N/A
Scottsdale $17.68 N/A
Selfs Point $24.82 N/A
Pardoe N/A $17.68
Burnie $24.82 $57.82
Any other STP not listed $17.68 N/A
*Each financial year these charges will increase based on percentage change to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Hobart for March to March, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at https://www.abs.gov.au

Opening Hours

Opening Hours


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