Property Title Information

Land Information Certificate (Section 56ZQ)

When considering the purchase of a property, a Land Information Certificate provides valuable information concerning the location of water and sewage infrastructure.

On receipt of an application and payment (refer to our Fees and Charges) TasWater will endeavour to complete the request and issue the certificate within 10 business days.

For your information:

  • This certificate relates only to information that TasWater has on record at the date of issue of the certificate
  • TasWater, on request, may provide in or with the certificate any other information or documents relating to the land that TasWater considers relevant
  • If TasWater agrees to a request to supply further information or inspect the site, TasWater may impose any reasonable charges for costs incurred
  • TasWater does not incur any liability in respect of any information provided in good faith from sources external to TasWater.



If you have an account with the LIST you can apply for a Land Information Certificate using the tick box when you apply for the council searches.

All other applicants

Please post or email the form and payment to:

GPO Box 1393
Hobart TAS 7001

[email protected]

For an Application for Land Information Certificate please click here.

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When customers choose to amalgamate multiple property titles under one Property Identifier Descriptor (PID), this does not change the way the property will be charged for sewerage and water services.

Under an amalgamation, the number of titles does not change regardless of the fact that they fall under one PID. Therefore the number of titles will still be used in determining the number of water and sewerage charges and/or connections.


When an owner wishes to consolidate or adhere multiple titles into one title on one PID, councils are not required to refer adhesion applications to TasWater.

It is the owner's responsibility to advise TasWater of the consolidation/adhesion and to discuss the implications on TasWater infrastructure and the connections to the properties involved.

If multiple properties are consolidated/adhered, multiple accounts for water and sewer charges may still be sent, unless the owner informs TasWater of the changes.

The rationalisation of connections may be required before TasWater can change the billing of the affected properties.

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