Deceased Estates

To notify TasWater and the Australian Death Notification Service of a deceased estate, please register their details at

We acknowledge that the period after a close relative passes away can be very stressful and traumatic and we have provided the following information to assist you at this time. 

The property owner is responsible for all water and sewerage charges for that property.  If the deceased person is listed as the owner, or as one of the multiple owners, then their estate is still responsible for payment of the statement.  Upon notification of the owner's death, the statement will be amended to read the estate of ... 

When probate has been completed and the estate settled, the Land Titles Office will update the owner information on the property title record.  Once this has been amended, TasWater will adjust the records to ensure the statement name is changed to the beneficiaries. 

Should the property in question be sold, a meter reading should be requested and advice provided to TasWater through a Change of ownership form.  A final statement will be generated. 

In the case of life time tenancies the statement will be changed to estate of or addressed to the Trustees and will also name the person responsible for the statement and will remain this way for the life of tenancy. 
Once that tenancy is concluded and the estate is sold a meter reading should be requested and advice provided to TasWater through a Change of ownership form, a final statement will then be generated. 

It is important to note that if there is a debt outstanding when a relative becomes deceased, that debt is still required to be paid.  TasWater understands that there may be many expenses endured when a relative passes away and we can offer payment arrangements. 

Please call 13 6992 to speak to our friendly Customer Service Team for advice.

To appoint an Authorised Representative please click here.

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