Water filling stations and carters

TasWater does not directly operate any water cartage services; however there are a number of water carriers operating across the state who deliver water supplies to properties.  Water carters are required to be licensed and registered through the local council in the areas they operate.  Contact details for most carriers can be found under Water Carters in the Yellow Pages.

Water carriers are reminded that there are specific requirements and conditions for accessing water from TasWater's reticulation system.  In particular, water carriers are reminded that it is illegal to access TasWater's network through hydrant points or fire services for water other than for firefighting purposes.

Water carters must verify that vehicles used for delivery of domestic drinking water have been certified with the relevant Council’s Environmental Health Officer.

Water Carters must meet the Tasmanian Water Quality Guidelines as directed by the Director of Public Health under the Public Health Act 1997. TasWater requires water carters to maintain a current public liability insurance policy, which cover extends to the supply of water, taking of water and all other activities for any single event, or series of claims arising from a single event. Electronic Keys are available from TasWater offices. 


General Public
The public is also able to use these facilities for personal home use, unless the water filling station has been assigned for Registered Water Carters Only. An Electronic Key is required to access water from a Public filling station and are available on request.

To access a water filling station a female cam lock fitting and hose will be required and supplied by the customer to obtain water from the public water filling point, unless a hydrant connection is available. All filling station location and the fitting sizes required are shown in the our Public water filling stations locations and connection sizes.

As a point of safety, TasWater advises that when filling from a public water filling station it is recommended that you connect your hose fitting directly at the Cam Lock connection at the public water filling point with the cam lock connection on you water container or tank. Generally, a 1,000 litre container will have a 50mm cam lock connection at the bottom of the container. 
When filling up from the container’s cam lock, open the cap on the top of the container.

The picture below provides an example of the cam lock hose fittings and connections required for a safe fill. 

Cam lock

Account Electronic Keys
With the Account Electronic Key option, customers are able to use their Electronic Key at most Electronic Filling Station in Tasmania, unless designated for Registered Water Carters only. AVDATA Australia will send you monthly invoices, which shows where you have obtained water, how much water has been obtained and all charges associated with the supply.
Invoices are issued monthly for usage during the previous month. Some usage may fall outside the period if there has been a delay in obtaining data. Accounts must be paid in full within 21 days of billing and if not paid by that date, will become overdue for payment.
You will be required to make a one off $50 deposit on the Account Electronic Key. On the return of the Electronic Key, TasWater will return your deposit if the Electronic Key is not damaged. 
Water charges for filling stations are regulated and are set at $1.6371 per Kilolitre (FY 2020/2021).


Electronic Key Requests
 If you require an Electronic Key to use at a TasWater Water Filling Station, you will need to fill out the appropriate application form:

Once you have filled out the form, and read the terms and conditions of use, you can email the form to TasWater at enquiries@taswater.com.au . You can mail the form, if you do not have access to email, to TasWater GPO Box 1393 Hobart TAS 7001.
Once we receive your application, we will assign and process your Electronic Key and advise AVDATA Australia, who will energise your Electronic Key.
Your assigned Electronic Key will be sent to you, with your application form as your copy, via registered post to the postal address on your application form. You will also receive an invoice for the Electronic key deposit. If a Prepaid Electronic Key was requested, the invoice will also include the initial credit amount placed on the Electronic Key. 


TasWater Agent Location for Prepaid Ekeys in remote areas

Filling station  Agent Agent location
Sorell Terry White Sorell Chemmart Pharmacy 31 Gordon Street Sorell TAS 7172
Bagdad Bagdad Post Office  41 Quarrytown Rd Bagdad TAS 7030
New Norfolk New Norfolk Guardian Pharmacy  6 High Street New Norfolk TAS 7140
 Oatlands  BP Oatlands  52 High Street Oatlands TAS 7210


TasWater Agent locations for Account EKeys in remote areas

Customers can also obtain Account Electronic Keys for the following locations, from the following Agents:

Filling Station   Agent Agent location
Flinders Island Flinders Island Council 9 Patrick St, Whitemark TAS 7255
 King Island Stornoway Contact 0427 955 493

Safe filling procedure from water filling station 
Terms and Conditions
Prepaid Electronic Key Application Form 
Account Electronic Key Application Form
Electronic Key Return Form
 Public water filling stations locations and connection sizes
 Questions and Answers

Electronic keys
TasWater uses a third party provider, AVDATA Australia, for its Electronic Key Filling Stations. This method provides two payment options for our customers:
  • A ‘Prepaid Electronic Key’ option – For General Public use and small users
  • An ‘Account Electronic Key’ option – For Water Carters and large users

electronic keys

Prepaid electronic keys
A Prepaid Electronic Key allows users to access water up to the value of their prepaid credit limit. As you use water, credits are automatically deducted from your account. Users are able to periodically top up their Prepaid Electronic Key. Full instructions on using the Prepaid Electronic Key and accessing water are explained in our Questions and answers.

 The Prepaid Electronic Key will cost $50, with:

  • $20 assigned as initial water credit on the Electronic Key to your primary location
  • 30 as the deposit for the Electronic Key. 
On the return of the Electronic Key, TasWater will return your deposit and any credit left on the Electronic Key. If the Electronic Key is damaged, you will not be able to access the deposit, but will be issued the credit left on the EKey.
You can have more than one location assigned to the Prepaid Electronic Key. If your Prepaid Electronic Key is accessing more than one location, you will have to maintain a separate prepaid credit balance at each location that you wish to use. The AVDATA portal will provide credit balances for each location. Please be aware that not all Water Filling Stations are available for the general public, some are only available to Registered Water Carters.
You will need to arrange credit for the Prepaid Electronic Key, including the filling station to which you want the credit assigned too. To access the water filling Station and placing credit on the Prepaid Electronic Key, at each location, go to the AVDATA portal at: https://members.avdata.com.au/CustomerPortalRegistrationServlet
Water charges for filling stations are regulated and are set at $1.6371 per Kilolitre (FY 2020/2021).


Electronic Key Returns
If you no longer require your Electronic Key, you should arrange to return it to TasWater so that you can receive your refund for the security deposit. If you are returning a Prepaid Electronic Key, you will also be credited any remaining credits on the Prepaid Electronic Key. 

Note that TasWater can only refund the balance to the Electronic Key owner, as signed in the customer’s Electronic Key Application form. The deposit cannot be returned to a third party. 
The deposit for the Electronic Key will not be returned if the Electronic Key is damaged.

TasWater will issue the deposit to the customer once we receive the Electronic Key. TasWater, or its employees, will not take responsibility for the loss of the Electronic Key via the mail. Electronic Keys should be posted via registered post for confirmation of delivery. A refund can be returned to you via your bank by direct deposit. Alternatively, these credits can be transferred directly across as additional credit to another Electronic Key, at no cost, avoiding a future credit top-up administration charge.