Water filling stations and carters

TasWater does not directly operate any water cartage services; however there are a number of water carriers operating across the state who deliver water. Water carters are required to be registered through the local council in the areas they operate. Contact details for most carriers can be found under Water Carters in the Yellow Pages.

Electronic Key Requests

If you require an electronic key to use at a TasWater water filling station, you will need to fill out the appropriate application form for a prepaid electronic key: Prepaid Electronic Key Application Form

Once you have filled out the form, and read the terms and conditions of use, you can email the form to TasWater at [email protected]. If you do not have access to email, you can post the completed form to TasWater GPO Box 1393 Hobart TAS 7001.
Once we receive your application, we will assign and process your electronic key and advise AVDATA Australia, who will energise your electronic key.

Your assigned electronic key will be sent to you, with your application form as your copy, via registered post to the postal address on your application form. You will also receive an invoice for the electronic key deposit and the initial credit amount of $20, which will be assigned to the location requested on the application form.

Further information on Prepaid Electronic Keys can be found here.

electronic keys


TasWater Agent Location for prepaid electronic keys in remote areas

Prepaid Electronic Keys are also available from our agents, for the assigned Water Filling Station locations, in the table below.

Filling station  Agent Agent location
Sorell Terry White Sorell Chemmart Pharmacy 31 Gordon Street
Sorell TAS 7172
Bagdad Bagdad Post Office  41 Quarrytown Rd
Bagdad TAS 7030
New Norfolk New Norfolk Guardian Pharmacy  6 High Street
New Norfolk TAS 7140
 Oatlands  BP Oatlands  52 High Street
Oatlands TAS

The Agent will require a payment of $55.44 for the Electronic Key ($35.44 for the Prepaid Electronic Key deposit and $20.00 for the credit assigned to the Prepaid Electronic Key for the assigned Water Filling Station location).

Note: Agents only supply Prepaid Electronic Keys for their assigned Water Filling Station locations. To assign credit to other locations, on the Prepaid Electronic Key, you can organize this via the AVDATA portal at https://www.avdata.com.au/login

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