TasWater's response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the face of the challenges presented by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), TasWater is working toMike Brewster_web_2018.jpg

ensure we continue to provide our customers with ongoing and secure water and sewerage services.
TasWater CEO Michael Brewster says our priority is the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers
and the community.
"We are relying on expert medical and scientific advice and basing all decisions relating to our
response to the COVID-19 virus on this," Mr Brewster said.
"I want to reassure the Tasmanian community that there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is
transmitted by treated water or through the sewerage system," he said.
Existing water treatment and disinfection processes, including the use of chlorine, are effective in
removing viruses and bacteria from water supplies, ensuring that your water is safe to drink.
There is no evidence of transmission of the COVID-19 virus via our sewerage systems, with or
without sewage treatment, and it is expected TasWater's current disinfection methods are enough
to kill any bacteria or the virus.
TasWater is programming operations to ensure we protect our employees and maintain staff levels
to ensure the ongoing process of water and sewage treatment.
"We are also closely monitoring our work crews so staff are available for emergency callouts at all
hours," Mr Brewster said.
"An incident team is in place at TasWater, and it will work with any broader emergency management
programs set up by state or federal government authorities."
"We are also engaging with key state and local government agencies as required," Mr Brewster said.
Information on how TasWater is working to ensure your essential water and sewerage services will
continue as the community responds to COVID-19 and more information can be found by clicking the links below:

- TasWater website

- Facebook

- Or call us on 136992


For more information please click here for our fact sheet.


TasWater continues with essential works


While TasWater has implemented several measures in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
pandemic, our priority is to provide safe and reliable drinking water and ongoing sewerage services
to our customers.
TasWater CEO Michael Brewster said TasWater is continuing with vital maintenance and renewal
programs during this time.
“We have enacted our emergency response plan and taken steps to ensure we keep our staff safe,
while we continue to provide reliable water and sewerage services,” Mr Brewster said.
“We are prioritising maintenance programs to ensure we can continue to supply safe and reliable
water and sewerage services to our customers into the future.”
These works include the state-wide water main renewals program that ensures there is greater
water security across Tasmania.
“By continuing with our maintenance and renewal programs we are providing greater surety of work
for our contractors and their employees,” he said.
“We understand the role TasWater has in supplying the state with essential services, but we also
want to contribute to the local economy and to help keep Tasmanians employed.”
Although these works are part of business as usual, with the increased number of Tasmanians
working from home the impacts of our occasional outages may be more apparent.
Customers will be notified when a scheduled outage may occur in their area.
Residents who want more information about any maintenance or renewal projects can contact
TasWater on 13 6992 or email enquiries@taswater.com.au.