General Exemption to Water Restrictions Application form

Applicant details
(Applicant should have the consent of the owner of the property of authorised agent prior to submitting this application).
Property owner details
As Above
Property or site details for which exemption is required
(If various sites, provide full description of sites/areas under “Other” or attach additional details)
Exemption category
Application Considerations and conditions
Exemptions will be assessed based on the following considerations:
  • Water demand and progressive annual consumption
  • The realistic needs of the customer applying for the exemption
  • Supporting evidence tendered in justification of the application
  • That the exemption is in the public interest

An application will not be considered unless at least one of the below criteria is met:
  1. Significant adverse financial impact
  2. Special needs of the customer (e.g. altering hours or days)
  3. Avoid or minimise permanent physical damage to building or structure
  4. Avoid public health, wellbeing or safety
  5. Avoid serious health and safety consequences of an individual application
  6. Avoid or minimise adverse effects resulting in permanent or irreversible damage to a public or private asset of historical, botanic or ecological significance

An exemption, if approved, is not transferrable to any other person, entity or location and is applicable only to the level of water conservation under which the approval is granted. Upon declaration of a revised level of water restriction, exemptions may be withdrawn, modified, or subject to additional conditions being imposed. TasWater reserves the right to withdraw or further modify any approved exemption at any time.
Reason for exemption
Please indicate the grounds for which you believe an exemption or modification should be granted.  (Tick appropriate box).
Application declaration
If this exemption is granted, I hereby:

  • Authorise TasWater to publicly disclose any relevant details of the exemption (excludes private personal details)
  • Agree to adhere to all the specified conditions of any such exemption and the requirements under TasWater’s Water Restriction Policy and Guidelines
  • Permit appropriate and reasonable access to the property/site to enable TasWater to assess adherence to any exemption conditions
  • Acknowledge that any violation of the terms of the exemption will result in immediate voiding of the exemption and no further application will be considered
  • Acknowledge that this exemption is only applicable to the level of water conservation measures current as at the date of the exemption approval, and TasWater may withdraw, modify or include additional conditions upon declaration of a revised level
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