Water restrictions - Stage 3

Use the interactive map to see if there are any restrictions in place in your area and see what practises are in place for those restrictions below. 

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There are currently no water restrictions in place.


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Residential, public, and commercial gardens

Watering your garden

Allocated days only

Manual watering systems 

You can use manual watering systems
between 6am - 8am and 8pm - 10pm.

Automatic watering systems

Not permitted

Handheld watering

6am - 8am and 8pm - 10pm


Not permitted

Sporting grounds

Watering sporting grounds

Exempt* surfaces only, on allocated days

Exempt surfaces:
Cricket pitch, golf and bowling greens, croquet greens, tennis courts, golf tees and synthetic hockey pitches

Automatic watering systems

You can activate automatic watering
systems between midnight - 4am.

Handheld watering

6am - 8am and 8pm - 10pm

Paving, concrete and other hard surfaces

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning for safety, health, 
animal welfare or emergency reasons
with a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle 
or with high pressure cleaning 
equipment is permitted


Using water for dust or pollutant
suppression, or earth compaction by means
of a hose fitted with a flow cut-off device or
a vehicle fitted with sprinklers is permitted

General cleaning

Hosing for general cleaning of hard 
surfaces such as paths, driveways and 
paved areas is not permitted at any time

Washing vehicles

Stage 3

- Windows, mirrors, lights, registration plates or spot removal of corrosive substances may be done at anytime using a bucket or watering can.

- Other parts of vehicles may only be washed for health and safety reasons or other emergencies at commercial car washes at anytime.

Residential or commercial pools & spas

Emptying and refilling pools

Pools and spas cannot be filled, added to, or replaced without an approved Exemption – swimming pool or spa filling from TasWater.

Topping up pools & spas

Not permitted

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