Do Not Consume Alerts

There are currently no public health/do not consume alerts

In limited cases, TasWater customers outside of our serviced land area may be connected to a water supply pipeline before the water receives adequate treatment. An example is a connection to the untreated supply pipeline between a river or dam intake point and the water treatment plant. These are legacy arrangements that were put in place prior to the formation of TasWater, and customers in these situations have been placed on a Limited Service/Quality Contract. This means that there are some restrictions on the safe use of the water supplied to your property. 
In these circumstances, water to the home will either require boiling before it can be consumed, or in some cases is not suitable for consumption. TasWater notify these customers, in writing, of the water quality restrictions on their properties on a quarterly basis. If you are unsure if a property that you own or rent is affected, please contact TasWater on 136 992 to verify the quality of water you receive.

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