New Price and Service Plan reminder for customers

New Price and Service Plan reminder for customers

TasWater would like to remind its customers of the new Price and Service Plan 4 (PSP4) which will come into effect tomorrow (1 July 2022).

Chief Financial Officer Matthew Pigden said the plan provides customers with price certainty over the next four years while they continue to receive safe, clean, and reliable drinking water and essential sewage services.

The new PSP comes after the independent Tasmanian Economic Regulator (TER) last month approved a maximum price increase of 3.71 per cent per year for the next four years.

We will only increase our prices by 3.5 per cent per annum over this period in line with our commitment to customers, stakeholders, and Owner Representatives.

“As announced in May, the price increase equates to an average household increase of $43 per year or a little less than 83 cents per week, based on the average annual household usage of 179 kilolitres a year,” Mr Pigden said.

In developing PSP4, we worked hard to balance short-term operating needs with long-term infrastructure investment to meet customer expectations at the most affordable prices possible.

“The conservative price increase will allow us to continue to upgrade essential and aging infrastructure through our $1.1 billion capital works program,” Mr Pigden said.

“This program of works, delivered by our Capital Delivery Office (CDO), continues to support the Tasmanian economy through local employment opportunities.”

Mr Pigden said TasWater has programs to support customers experiencing financial challenges.

“We offer a dedicated Customer Support Program team who work with individual customers on a solution that meets their needs, whether it is in the short or long-term.”

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