Margate Water Pipeline Project

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UPDATE: September 2019

Installation of the water pipeline for stages one, two and three of the project is now complete.

Approximately 9kms of pipeline have been installed between Kingston (Gilben Glebe valve pit) and Margate reservoir.

What’s next?

Commissioning and testing

Residents in Margate and Howden will notice activity in the area until early December 2019. This activity is part of the final stages of commissioning and testing of the pipeline.

Residents in the area may notice light vehicles and TasWater contractors conducting flushing and testing of the new line until the end of the year.

  • There will be an interruption to water supply for residents in Howden once commissioning and testing is complete. This will facilitate the installation of a new pressure reducing valve in Howden.
  • Owners of affected properties will be notified by mail prior to the outage.

Update of the reticulation network
Private connections will be updated for a small number of customers in Howden, and along Channel Highway, this work will begin in December 2019.

  • Affected residents and property owners will be contacted late October 2019 with further information.

Further information

For further information please contact Community Engagement Officer Cassandra Wells on 13 6992 or email

More about the Project

TasWater is investing $13 million in the Margate Water Pipeline Project to ensure the water supply continues to meet the needs of customers in Blackmans Bay and Margate, now and in the future.

The water pipeline follows an existing supply line that feeds water to Margate from the Ridgway Dam on the slopes of Mount Wellington via the Brown Hill reservoir.

The project has been split into three stages based on geographic features and current land usage.

Stage One – Gilben Glebe Valve Pits (Kingston) to Howden Road (Complete)

Stage Two – From Howden Road to the Margate Valve Pits near Sandfly Road (Commissioning and testing currently underway)

Stage Three – From the Margate Valve Pits to the Margate Reservoir (Complete)

The pipeline is designed to ensure there is enough water supply to meet the needs of the increasing population in the area and ensure supply during peak summer periods, when at times it has been severely tested. This new pipeline will not only meet the demands of new housing and business development but also offer the community greater water security in the case of damage to either of the pipelines.

The pipeline’s design also enables the potential for further extension of the water supply to Conningham and Kettering.



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