Moving House

Do I need to let you know if I sell my house or buy another property?

It is important to note that when you buy or sell a property it is your responsibility to inform TasWater that you have sold the property and require a final meter reading for billing purposes.  You should advise us of your new address and billing details so we can ensure the correct person is being charged for water and sewerage services.  This can be achieved by contacting our Customer Service Team on 13 6992 or completing the Change of Ownership form below:

What are the arrangements for tenants?

Water and sewerage charges are the responsibility of the property owner.  People who rent their homes (tenants) will not receive a statement from TasWater.  Statements are issued according to the details provided on the property title.  While landlords can make appropriate arrangements with tenants to recover water usage charges only, they are still responsible for paying the quarterly statement.  Property owners, tenants and property managers are able to request a special meter reading.  These can be undertaken at any time upon the payment of the special meter read fee.

Who apportions water and sewer charges at settlement?

There is no requirement or obligation for property managers, lawyers and/or conveyancers to apportion water and sewerage statements at the time of sale. TasWater requests that property owners and managers, lawyers and/or conveyancers notify us upon settlement, the vendor's future address and purchaser's address via a Change of ownership form. 

Settlement accounts are finalised using an estimated meter read. A special meter read can be arranged upon request. Please refer to our website for fees and chargesOnce finalised and depending on their circumstances, the vendor will receive a final bill or refund. The purchaser will receive a statement for their portion of the service charges from the date of settlement. 

What happens to water restriction devices at the time of sale?

Where a restriction device is fitted because of the non-payment of an account, the vendor is responsible for any charges relating to its removal.  The fee for the removal of a water restrictor can be found under Fees and Charges.

If the property sale includes a commercial entity discharging trade waste, what do I do?

Information on trade waste can be found by clicking here, otherwise please phone TasWater on 13 6992 or email for further information.