Outstanding debts

TasWater understands that some customers may find it difficult to pay their accounts.  That is why we encourage customers to contact us so we can talk about the various payment options we have available.  Customers, who choose not to communicate with us, need to be aware of the actions that will occur if they continue to default on paying an outstanding account without communicating with us.

Reminder notice

If payment has not been received, a reminder notice is generated automatically within five days after the due date on the quarterly statement.  Payment is required immediately and customers are encouraged to make payment or contact us regarding payment options.

Interest on Overdue Accounts

From 1 July 2013, we will commence charging interest on amounts on accounts that are not paid in full 14 days after the due date.  This is in accordance with the Customer Service Code. Interest will accrue daily and compound when your statement is issued.

The applicable interest rate will be calculated as follows:
Daily rate = (reference rate + 6%) /365
For example, for the Apr-Jun 2018 quarter the daily rate calculation would be:
Daily rate = (1.77% + 6%) / 365
Daily rate = 0.21%
Reference rate refers to the 90-day Bank Accepted Bill rate for the second month preceding the start of each quarter published by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Reserve Bank of Australia (Interest Rates and Yields – Money Market – Monthly – F1.1 file)

Water supply meter restriction

If no payment is received for outstanding accounts after customers receive their final notices or through the endeavours of ARL, our debt recovery agency; TasWater will try and phone the customer to arrange payment and then visit the customers' home . The purpose of the visit will be to discuss payment arrangements and provide copies of outstanding statements. Advice will also be provided, that if the account remains unpaid then the property will be fitted with a water restrictor. The water restrictor effectively reduces the supply of water to the home to two litres per minute and advice will be provided confirming that the water restrictor will be fitted. The water restrictor will only be removed once the customer has either paid the account or entered into a payment arrangement with TasWater. Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 6992 during business hours to negotiate payment arrangements for outstanding monies owed. A charge will be incurred for the removal of the water restrictor. Details of these charges are outlined under the Miscellaneous Fees and Charges according to region.


Interest rates
Jul - Sept 2021 0.04%
Oct - Dec 2021 0.01%
Jan - Mar 2022 0.04%
Apr - Jun 2022 0.07%
July - Sep 2022 1.00%
Oct - Dec 2022 2.31%
Jan - Mar 2023 3.06%
Apr - Jun 2023 3.46%
Jul - Sept 2023 3.90%
Oct - Dec 2023 4.15%
Jan - Mar 2024 4.38%
Apr - Jun 2024 4.34%
Jul - Sep 2024 4.36%


For a current balance of your account including interest charged, please contact 13 6992. Any part payment of an account will be applied to reducing the interest in the first instance and then reducing the debt.

Customers who default on payment arrangements without contacting TasWater will also incur interest charges. If you are having difficulty paying your account please contact us to discuss payment options. Please note, if you enter into a payment arrangement with us, interest will not be applied to your account. For more information on interest charges please refer to our Customer Charter.
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Final Notice

 If payment has not been received as a result of the reminder notice, a final notice will be issued with payment due immediately.  In accordance with the Economic Regulator's Customer Service Code, if a customer does not make full payment or contact TasWater within ten days TasWater may:

  • disconnect or restrict the supply of water to your property
  • refer you to a debt collection agency
  • commence legal proceedings against you for the recovery of the outstanding balance on your account
  • list you with a credit agency which may affect your credit rating
  • charge interest and fees on overdue amounts

Australian Receivables Limited (ARL) debt recovery agency

Should customers not contact us or make payments upon receipt of the final notice they will be referred to ARL, our debt recovery agency.  When a customer receives advice from ARL all communication is to be directed to ARL in the first instance.

Please contact TasWater on 13 6992 if you:

  • have any questions about your account
  • would like to set up a payment arrangement
  • are experiencing financial hardship

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