Summer Placement Program

Make the most of your summer.

For a 12-week period starting each November, chosen students in their penultimate year of university studies undertake structured work placement at TasWater sites and offices across the state.

It offers a taste of what work opportunities post university could be as they experience potential pathways in areas that include Data and Analytics, Engineering, Legal and Finance, to name a few.

The annual Summer Placement Program is just one of the ways that TasWater is supporting individual career opportunities, workplace retention and the state economy through fast-tracked career pathways. Initiatives such as this are helping to ensure we are sustainably delivering exceptional water and sewerage services for a thriving Tasmania now and into the future.

Meet 2024 Summer Placement Participants. 

This year we have ten exceptional program participants with diverse backgrounds – many of whom have travelled from across the country and the world to take up the opportunity to study and work in Tasmania.

Sandesh Kumar, IT/Data

Sandesh Kumar, IT/Data

Sandesh is from Pakistan and now lives in Launceston and is studying his Bachelor of IT (Software Development.) “Exploring Tasmania provides an exciting opportunity to not only contribute to TasWater but also immerse myself in a new and vibrant environment,” Sandesh said. “I chose to apply to TasWater for a Summer Placement to explore and understand the unique work culture in the water industry, the organisation's commitment to sustainability, and technological advancements. “I aim to gain hands-on experience in IT within the water management sector. My goal is to contribute to projects, learn from professionals in the field, and enhance my technical skills in a practical work environment.” Outside of study and work, Sandesh has many passions. They include playing badminton, coding, exploring new technologies, and outdoor activities. “I look forward to discovering how these interests might intersect with the culture and lifestyle in Tasmania,” Sandesh said.


Natasha Trondl, Engineering

Summer Placement 2024 - Natasha Trondl 2

Natasha is originally from Tasmania but grew up in Mexico. Now living back in Hobart, she is studying her Bachelor of Science (Environmental Remediation.) “As an environmental scientist, I understand the importance water systems have in the environment,” Natasha said. “Studying my degree, I have developed a fascination for use the of water treatment technologies. I chose TasWater because I think it will bring me the opportunity to learn more about the area of my degree that I am most passionate about. “I want to learn more about the water industry, how it works, and the processes involved in managing water systems. I would also like to develop my working skills and create new connections.” Natasha loves travelling and staying active by going to the gym or on walks and hikes. When it is warm, loves she outdoor activities such as surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Gideon Kirui, Engineering

Gideon Kirui, Engineering

Gideon grew up in Kenya and now lives in Hobart as he completes his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) at the University of Tasmania. “I chose to apply to TasWater because it is diverse. Not just within the team, but also the projects TasWater undertakes. It is a great opportunity for me to learn as much as I can from and also to put into practise the knowledge I have managed to gain while studying,” Gideon said. “I hope to learn as much as I can from the amazing and experienced people that make TasWater’s reputation so great. I aim to connect with as many people as I can. I also hope to make an impact on the teams’ work and build my confidence for my career ahead.” Gideon summed up his life outside study and work by saying, “I try to ride a horse whenever I can.”


Raj Gurung, Engineering

Raj Gurung, Engineering

Raj is currently living in Glenorchy, and is from Nepal, moving to Tasmania in 2014. “It was a wonderful journey to get to where I am, studying my final year of Mechanical Engineering at UTAS,” Raj said. “TasWater has a reputation as a progressive company committed to sustainable water management, which attracted me to apply. TasWater's dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation aligns with my professional values too. “TasWater takes on challenging projects. I am especially excited by the chance to contribute to projects that have positive impacts for communities. TasWater's collaborative and inclusive workplace is great. It is a really dynamic work environment.” To relax, Raj loves 4-wheel driving, kayaking, fishing, listening to audiobooks and reading books about philosophy. “Due to my honours project last year, I have been missing my hobbies, so I am planning to enjoy them at every chance I get,” Raj said.


Divya Sehgal (Monash), IT/Data

Divya Sehgal (Monash), IT/Data

Born in Delhi and traveling widely, Divya is pursuing her Master of Data Science at Monash University and lives in Melbourne. She has moved to Hobart specifically for the duration of her Summer Placement at TasWater. “I want to learn more about the practical applications of data science in various industries. As TasWater deals with a lot of data, I thought it would be fun to apply for this opportunity and get to learn more about how data is utilised in the water utility industry,” she said. “In the next 12 weeks I am hoping to learn more about practical applications of data science. I also would like to meet other people in my field and learn from them. Overall, to have fun while building cool projects.” Divya likes to cook and learn about different cuisines. She is an avid reader who likes working out and going for hikes.


Emily Bernal, Legal

Summer Placement 2024 - Emily Bernal

Emily is originally from Victoria but has lived in Tasmania since she was 4 years old, currently at Mount Nelson. She is completing her Law Degree at UTAS. “I chose to apply to Taswater because it is a supportive environment where I can apply the knowledge I have learned at university and put it into practice,” Emily said. “I hope to gain practical experience in corporate governance and assurance, risk and resilience, and legal and gain a broad understanding of how these sectors allow Tas Water to run as a corporation.” Emily is a dancer, starting four years ago at Felicity Ryan Ballet where she has been to this day. “I took part in my first performance in 2021, where I danced in the waltz of the flowers from the Nutcracker. The next year I danced in snowflakes, also from the Nutcracker. This year I danced in masquerade, from Khachaturian”, she said.


Arun Powdel, IT/Data

Summer Placement 2024 - Arun Powdel 2

Arun is a citizen of Nepal, lived most of his life in Northeastern India, and now lives in Launceston. He is completing his Masters in Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) at the University of Tasmania. “TasWater gave me an opportunity to get a real-world experience in Data Science in a workplace, and a chance to learn how the industry operates, both of which I see as crucial for me as a final year student,” Arun said. “The opportunity to apply my knowledge in a real-world setting is very interesting and that is the prime reason why I chose to apply to TasWater. “During the next 12 weeks, I hope to learn everything I can about the systems used by TasWater and how they are implemented, and I want to understand how an Australian workplace operates.” Outside of work and study Arun loves outdoor activities like cycling and hiking.


Alex Ditton, Engineering

Alex Ditton, Engineering

Alex hails from Austins Ferry and is completing his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) at the University of Tasmania. “TasWater stood out to me as a summer placement opportunity as the company’s website showed that TasWater is committed to making a positive impact in the community,” Alex said. “I first saw the application for TasWater on LinkedIn. After exploring the different positions TasWater had to offer for their summer program, I was delighted to see that they had an Engineering position available. “The overall goal for me in this placement is to take the next step from understanding the theoretical knowledge I’ve gained at university into being able to apply that knowledge in a practical environment monitoring water and sewage plants.” Outside of study and work Alex enjoys spending time with friends, playing soccer and futsal on the weekends and completing personal ‘design & build’ electronics projects.


Abhiyan Ghimire, IT/Data

Summer Placement 2024 - Abhiyan Ghimire 1

Abi is an International Student originally from Nepal and currently living in Warrane in the south. He is completing his Master of Environmental Geospatial Science at UTAS. “I was looking for a workplace that aligns with my academic pursuits and personal values,” Abi said. “TasWater utilises geospatial technologies to enhance water and sewer resource management taking account of environmental sustainability. These approaches align with my career interests which is why I applied to TasWater. “Apart from the technical skills and hands-on experience of geospatial skills for a better Tasmania, I hope to better understand the work culture in Australia, work-life balance and collaborative and team-oriented approaches to a workplace. “I love to travel and explore wilderness and nature. Additionally, I like photography, capturing the people, places, and cultures of my travels.” Abi is also a regular blood/plasma donor with an impressive 42 blood donations 14 plasma donations to his name.


Daniel Higgs, Finance

Daniel Higgs, Finance

Daniel grew up in Hobart and lives in Rose Bay on Hobart’s Eastern Shore. He is completing his Bachelor of Business (Business Analytics) at the University of Tasmania. “I am interested in the water industry in general and with TasWater there is an opportunity to do accounting and business analytics as well as potentially some Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis which I am interested in also,” Daniel said. GIS analytics uses geographical intelligence to analyse multiple complex datasets over a defined territory to find hidden trends and patterns. “I hope to gain some experience working in a team tasked to deliver an outcome. I also want to deepen my understanding of Activity Based Costing as a management practice, as well as learn how business analytics can be applied in the workplace.” To take a break from work and study, Daniel enjoys reading and table tennis.

How to apply?

Applications for our Summer Placements are currently closed. Follow us on LinkedIn to get a notification of when the next round opens.  

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