Switch to TasWater digital notices

You can now choose to receive your TasWater bills and notices via e-mail.
This is a safer and more secure way to receive information from us and stores all your bills online to access at your convenience.

You can even add and view information for multiple properties in your name.
And did we mention it’s better for our environment too?

There are many benefits to switching from paper to digital bills so make the change now by simply scanning this QR code to register.

    • Step 2: Log in and subscribe
      Click ‘Subscription’, 'Subscribe' and search for TasWater bills (117309) 

    • Step 3: Select email option
      Choose ‘to register for Email’ 

    • Step 4: Enter requested information
      Refer to your last bill to enter the required information, including the email address where you’d like your digital bills sent. 

  • If you’re a property manager, or have multiple TasWater accounts, we can provide TasWater digital notices as PDFs and as data. This will help eliminate scanning and manual data entry.

    • Step 2: Contact biller support
      Email Payreq as they’re able to manage large volumes of TasWater bills. Send your request to [email protected] asking to be set up with the Payreq MyBills Agent service.
  • Sign up to have your TasWater bill data delivered directly to your accounts receivable software i.e. Xero, MYOB and more.

    • Step 2: Log in and add new biller
      Click ‘Add new biller’ and register for TasWater bills (117309) 
    • Step 3: Register software
      Choose your accounting software to set up registration.
    • Step 4: Connect account
      Simply connect your account and enter the information requested from your TasWater bill.
  • BPAY offers a service called BPAY View, which lets you manage your bills through your choice of online bank account.

    Once set up, your bank will send you a notification, so you can pay without re-entering the reference number.

    • Step 1: Log into your online bank account
      Note: Most Australian banks offer BPAY View.
    • Step 2: Look for BPAY View or View Bills section
    • Step 3: Register your bill for digital delivery
  • I used to have an eNotices account. What happens now?

    Your old eNotices registration has been migrated to Payreq. If you do nothing, you will continue to receive your TasWater notices to your registered email address.

    To access your bills in Payreq, simply create an account with the same email address and you’ll automatically be able to access your bill history and other features in the future.

    Who is Payreq?

    Payreq is an Australian-owned, multi-national specialist provider of digital invoice delivery and payment services. It’s certified for secure information delivery by BPAY, Mastercard, the Australian Taxation Office for Peppol (a global eInvoicing network), plus a range of other accounting software providers, and certified to ISO 27001 – a global information security standard. Learn more here.

    Can I register for digital notices before I receive my first TasWater bill?

    No. A Payreq account cannot be linked to TasWater until the first statement has been issued. This is because a BPay reference number is required, which is generated with the first statement. Once you receive your first statement you can then register a Payreq account.

    Can I register for both Payreq and BPAY View?

    Yes, you can register for both. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive your TasWater bill via both services. To register for BPAY View, click here.

    Can I update my email address?

    • Log in, or create a new Payreq account using your old email address here  
    • Once in, click on the little spanner top right of the page 
    • Choose Profile 
    • Follow the instructions to update and verify your email address 
    • Please email Payreq at [email protected] if you need additional help 
    Will I lose access to my MyBills account if my property is sold or changes ownership?

    No, you will not lose access to your Payreq account if your property is sold or changes ownership. You will still be able to log in as normal with your existing details, and see the notices you’ve previously been issued for that property.

    I’ve forgotten my password 

    You can reset your password at any time by using the ‘Forgot your password’ link on the Payreq login page here.

    Can I switch back to paper notices?

    Yes, you can switch back to paper notices. To do this, log in to Payreq here. Then do the following:

    • Go to subscriptions 
    • Click on the subscription you wish to cancel 
    • Click on the “Unsubscribe” button 
    • Subsequent TasWater notices for this account will be mailed to the postal address we have on record. 
    • Update your details here or contact us  
    What support can TasWater offer me if I’m having trouble paying my bill? 

    We understand that a change in circumstance can make it difficult to pay your bills. But not to worry because this is where our Customer Support Program can help. We have a dedicated team who can work with you to create a customised solution that meets your individual needs, no matter if that’s help in the short- or long-term.

    If you’re looking for support, contact us here.

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