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TasWater is responsible for approving any relevant water and sewerage infrastructure related aspects of planning, building and plumbing applications in Tasmania.

TasWater provides a number of services to customers including assistance with planning, building, plumbing, water and sewerage related works, trade waste and information requests.

Details of water and sewerage requirements, development fees and related charges that are applicable to your development can be obtained by submitting a Development Services application form for Water and Sewerage Servicing Advice.

Commence Application

What needs to be completed?

It is very important that all sections of the application form are filled out. This will greatly assist the assessment and approval process that follows. Some information may not be known (i.e. property identification, however, please ensure all other information is correct and provided. Sections 5-7 are more specific to what the application is for and a checklist of documents required to be submitted to support the application.

It is important to remember that for each stage of your development a separate application will need to be completed.

Who will be invoiced? 

Please complete invoicing details in section 2 of the Application for Development Services Form to ensure that the correct responsible party is invoiced. If this section is not completed the applicant will be set as the default.

If the property owner is to be invoiced, then they need to consent to the charges.

How do I know this has been submitted?

You will receive notification thanking you for your application.

Time frames

For more information on time frames please click here.

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