Application for Development Services Form

1. Property details
The TasWater Reference number is made up of 3 parts of information an indicates the type of Development enquiry and the stage of a development. The first four numbers refer to the year, the second group of numbers are the job number and the final letters refer to the relevant council. If this is your first application to TasWater then you will be assigned a reference number. Example: DA 2021/01086-GCC or TWBA 2021/01080-SOR
Council reference Number is your council application number, they can be made up of numbers and letters for example PDPLANPMTD-2020/016697, DA0194/2019. These number will be on documents received from your relevant council.
Volume number (example 142835) - a Volume number and a Folio number (e.g. Volume 11195, Folio 1) - This information can be found via Tasmanian’s land information system Tasmania - the LIST
Property ID (PID) number (example 7845196) This information can be found via Tasmanian’s land information system Tasmania - the LIST
Address of the development
Suburb of the development
What development is occurring? Examples: New Dwelling, Multiple Dwellings x2, Subdivision x 4 lots, Partial Demolition, New Garage
Provide any additional information relevant to your development
2. Invoicing details

To guarantee that the correct responsible party is invoiced ensure that this section is completed fully.

If this section is not completed the applicant will be invoiced. If the property owner or third party is to be invoiced, then they must consent to the charges.

Invoicing details

If you, the applicant, are not liable for payment of any fees and charges associated with this application please demonstrate that another party (i.e. the landowner and/or a third party) has agreed to this application being made and incurring any applicable fees and charges. Please attach/upload written evidence from the other party. Typically, this could be in the form of an engagement letter or the Development Services Authorisation Representative form signed by the other party authorising you to act for them and to incur any fees and charges on their behalf.

3. Application details
Is ABN/ACN invalid?
Site contact (connections only)
4. Owner or third party details
Is ABN/ACN invalid?
Site contact (connections only)
5. Requested development work

Fees apply - Prices vary depending on Classification Thresholds – Minor, Medium, Major, Significant – Refer to Price & Service Plan (PSP3) & Miscellaneous Fees & Charges 

Application Type

Select Option

Water and or sewerage service enquiry
Certificate for Certifiable Work (CCW) (building) and/or (plumbing) - Documents 1, 2 and 3 required
56W Consent (for any works located within a TasWater easement or within 2m of TasWater infrastructure) - Documents 1, 2 and 3 required
Engineering design approval (EDA) - Documents 1, 2 and 3 required
Permit to construct TasWater infrastructure - Requires EDA approval
Certificate of water and sewerage compliance (building) and/or (plumbing) - CCW conditions completion required. TasWater will also send a copy to the Permit Authority.

Documents required

Document(s) 1 – Design plans and documents detailing the proposed development works, including existing and proposed TasWater assets and all connection points – Mandatory

Document(s) 2 - Copy of Certificate of Title (CT) - including folio plan, text and schedule of easements – Mandatory, if not previously supplied and no changes have occured

Document(s) 3 - Planning permit (where omitted evidence may be requested)

Completed Trade waste application form (if applicable)

6. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED / CHECKLIST – See also Guidelines for Certificate for Certifiable work assessment
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Documents 1
Documents 2
Documents 3
Documents 4
Documents 5
Documents Navigations
7. Service connections only - For timeframes please refer to the Customer Charter
In the course of development, a new connection, upgrade or removal of a connection may be required to TasWater’s infrastructure. In most circumstances, a Planning Permit (including a Submission to Planning Authority Notice (SPAN)) or Certificate for Certifiable Work (Building) and/or (Plumbing) is required, that condition connection requirements.

TasWater approved plans and CCW approval needed.

Water meter supply and installation only – existing water connection exists (Refer to website for fees)
Connection type (Prior approval must be granted)
Water meter supply only

Refer to this page for fees based on size

Infrastructure Shutdown
8. Authorisation

Privacy Policy can be found here.

Mandatory field(s) marked with *
If you would prefer to complete a printable Application for Development Services form, please click here.

What needs to be filled out?

It is very important that all sections of the application form is filled out. This will greatly assist the assessment and approval process that follows. Some information may not be known (i.e. 
property identification, however, please ensure all other information is correct and provided. The second page is more specific to what the application is for and a checklist of documents 
required to be submitted to support the application. It is important to remember that for each stage of your development a separate application will need to be completed.

Who will be invoiced? 

Please complete invoicing details on page one (section two) of the development application form to ensure that the correct responsible party is invoiced. If this section is not completed the 
applicant will be set as the default. If the property owner is to be invoiced then they need to complete and sign the property owner section.

How do I know this has been submitted?

You will receive an automatic reply from our email thanking you for your application.