Commercial Trade Waste Customers

For all trade waste enquiries please call the Trade Waste Hotline on (03) 6422 5444 or email

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Commercial trade waste customers are businesses that discharge low to medium risk trade waste to sewer. For detailed categorisation please see our Category Calculator or Customer Category Guideline.

Category 1 Trade Waste Customer means a customer discharging low volume and low impact Trade Waste which is minimal risk to the Sewerage Infrastructure and can be managed through cleaner production methods.

Category 2 Trade Waste Customer means a customer discharging low to medium volume and low impact Trade Waste which requires physical pre-treatment at the source to make it acceptable for discharge to the Sewerage Infrastructure, and includes those customers in subcategories 2A, 2B and 2C as set out in the Price and Services Plan.


Automotive service workshops

Car/Plant/machinery/truck wash

Panel Beating / Spray Painting

Service Station/Refuelling depot

Machinery repair workshop

Hairdressers/beauty salons


Nursing homes

Child care centres


Schools and colleges




Any businesses with a commercial kitchen

Function halls/sporting clubs

Medical businesses, including dentists and vets

Animal wash

Trade Waste Charges – Refer to pricing brochure for detailed information 

Trade waste category 

Target charge (FY19-20)








What does my business need to do?
Prior to commencing their business activity, trade waste customers must obtain a Trade Waste Consent to legally discharge into TasWater’s sewerage network[1]. This is
written approval from TasWater that sets the conditions and requirements under which a customer can discharge trade waste in to our network. The conditional acceptance of trade waste ensures we can safely collect, transport and treat the trade waste. If you believe your business is generating trade waste, please follow the steps below to apply for a Trade Waste Consent:

1. Complete a trade waste application form[2]

Application form available here.

2. Submit the application form
Please note that fees apply for the assessment of all trade waste applications.

Trade waste application fee FY19-20 


3. We will contact you

One of our representatives will contact you about your application to:
• Explain your rights and responsibilities and answer any questions
• Arrange an onsite inspection of your premises to determine if a pre-treatment system should be installed or upgraded in order to meet TasWater’s trade waste requirements.

4. Install/upgrade a pre-treatment system, if required

If the onsite inspection identifies it is necessary to upgrade or install a compliant pre-treatment system to meet trade waste requirements, TasWater will issue a Trade Waste Notice and provide guidance on the options available to complete the upgrade/installation. TasWater trade waste customers have an agreed time frame from the date they receive their notice to install the pre-treatment systems. Please find our pre-treatment guideline and typical pre-treatment drawings via the forms and fact sheet page here.

[1] Discharging trade waste without prior written consent from TasWater is an offence under S56ZI of the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008. (Do we need to add this?)

[2] There may be instances where it is necessary to review a Trade Waste Consent and for a
customer to reapply for consent. These events include but are not limited to:
• The purchase or sale of a trade waste-generating business
• A change in the nature of your business
• The submission of a development application.


How to install or upgrade pre-treatment system:



Will TasWater accept my trade waste?
Subject to an application and inspection, TasWater will accept the discharge of liquid trade waste in to our sewerage network, if:
• Our infrastructure has capacity to collect, transport and treat your waste
• The trade waste does not prevent the recycling of our sewage treatment by-products
• You have explored and applied all practicable trade waste minimisation, recycling and reuse options.

Is there any financial assistance available?
TasWater offers a Commercial Customer Repayment Program for eligible trade waste customers. Click here to learn more

What happens if I’m unable to install/upgrade a pre-treatment system as required by TasWater?
TasWater provides all our trade waste customers with an agreed timeframe to install or upgrade a pre-treatment system. During this period we can work closely with you to ensure you have all the information necessary to either install or upgrade your pre-treatment system. However, in the event a customer is unable to install or upgrade a pre-treatment system within the agreed timeframe, TasWater may charge the customer an additional fee. Please contact the trade waste team should you have any questions.

How does TasWater know if a business is complying with its Trade Waste Consent?
TasWater routinely monitors and inspects its sewerage network and any problems created by unauthorised trade waste can be traced to individual properties.

What to do if your business is no longer trading or property is now vacant?

If the trade waste generating business is ceasing or changing the business activity, the property owner is required to contact the trade waste team to advise of these changes, as a new application for consent to discharge trade waste may be required. The Property Owner is liable for any ongoing Trade Waste charges until TasWater is notified and a written confirmation is issued to the property owner that charges have changed or been ceased You must give not less than 30 days written notice to us of any of the following events:

  1. Any change to the business conducted which may materially affect the Trade Waste discharge; 
  2. Any intended change to the method of Pre-treatment; 
  3. Any proposed transfer, sale or closure of the business or any proposal to cease possession of any part of the Premises.

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