Service Connections

Connections to TasWater infrastructure

In the course of development, a new connection, upgrade or removal of a connection may be required to TasWater’s infrastructure. 

In most circumstances, a Planning Permit (including a Submission to Planning Authority Notice (SPAN)) or Certificate for Certifiable Work (Building) and/or (Plumbing) is required, that condition connection requirements.

TasWater Service Connections

TasWater service connections are classified as either standard or Non-standard and the timeframe and relevant fees depend on the type of connection and its classification.

Standard Connections

Standard Connections are simple connections for single dwellings and cover the most frequently requested activities by customers such as a 100mm sewer connection, water meter relocation under 3 metres, 20mm or 25 mm water connection/disconnection or 20mm water meter supply and installation. A typical standard connection is a 20mm water connection for a residential dwelling in a suburban area.

Non-Standard Connections

Non-Standard Connections are connections that are larger than those above and more complex in nature; they typically require significant civil and planning requirements, for example; extensive excavation or directional drilling, road works and gaining permits and approvals from road and other authorities. Typical non-standard connections involve works in a Central Business District, City or Town or near/under a road.

Connections in CBD’s, Business, Commercial and Industrial locations

All water and sewer connections, disconnections, adjustments or relocations (regardless of size and length) for developments within a commercial, business or industrial zone are considered non-standard and will be Price on Application (POA).

For determining whether your development is within a business, commercial or industrial zone you can navigate to the planning zone maps within the LIST map ( and add the layer Tasmanian Interim Planning Scheme Zoning under Land Parcel and Property, Planning. From here, you can search the development address using the search field at the top of the page and determine the zoning by clicking the pin.

Zones where all works are classified as non-standard are as follows:

  • Local Business
  • General Business
  • Central Business
  • Commercial
  • Light Industrial
  • General Industrial
  • Flinders Planning Zones
  • Sullivan’s Cove Planning Zones

All water and sewer connections, disconnections, adjustments or relocations to developments with a predominately commercial function, even if contained within a residential zone may be subject to a non-standard charge. This will be determined by our assessment and connections team upon application.

What you will receive with a connection.

A connection includes everything you need to have a functioning water and/or sewer supply to your development, but there may be additional components that TasWater will not supply as part of the works. For example, an above ground meter assembly may require a vandal proof cage installed as part of the works but the cage and concrete slab is not part of the included works and is the property owner’s responsibility. In addition, a water meter in a driveway requires a trafficable lid and surround and this is not installed as part of our standard connection service. Our Property Connection Standard Drawings detail the different connection types and also show TasWater’s responsibility.

Connection drawing.jpg

In addition, a single water connection can (at sizes above 20mm) include more than one water meter, and this will be required where multiple dwellings are being constructed such as a unit or strata development. 

For the most common connection types;

  • Standard 20mm water connection in an eligible location as per the Locational Limitations includes the connection to the water main terminating with an isolation valve and water meter inside a standard PVC box at the location specified on the TasWater endorsed plan.
  • Standard 25mm water connection in an eligible location as per the Locational Limitations includes the connection to the water main with either;
    • An isolation valve and 25mm water meter inside a standard PVC meter box at the location specified on the TasWater endorsed plan; or
    • A manifold and two 20mm water meters each with an independent isolation valve and standard PVC meter box at the location specified on the TasWater endorsed plan.

Additional water meters beyond the single 25mm or two 20mm meters supplied with the service are charged at the cost of a standard 20mm water meter supply and installation or as loose supply as requested by the customer for each additional meter (up to a maximum total of four 20mm water metres on the manifold).

TasWater has a number of data and technical requirements to ensure our Geographic Information System (GIS), billing, safety and asset teams have everything they need to improve our service and the fee you pay for a connection also pays for the administration and upkeep of those records. 

Applying for Connection to TasWater’s infrastructure

If you require a disconnection, a new connection, an adjustment or relocation of an existing connection to TasWater infrastructure, or a new water meter or meter’s, a Development Services application form for Water & Sewerage connections must be submitted. The form can be found here. It is important you fill out all the required information for your connection including the date the works are required and the site contact name and number. This helps our contractor get in contact to find out any particular requirements you may have and for us to program the connection for when you require it.

If you would like information of the likely costs and/or timeframe of your connection prior to making an application, you can submit a Connection Enquiry by emailing TasWater on It's helpful to attach a sketch, plan and brief cover note of your proposal in order for our response to be as accurate as possible.

Fees and Timeframes

If your connection is a standard connection you are able to determine the fees for that connection here. Valid applications for a standard water and/or sewer connection will be actioned within 10 business days of application, but it is important to note that where the physical characteristics or location of the property require the application of unusual or unusually costly infrastructure, design, or installation techniques in order for the connection to be made, this timeframe may be difficult to achieve. In this case, you will be contacted by a TasWater officer who will discuss the issues with you.

If your connection is non-standard, a fee will be provided once the connection has been investigated and the scope of works has been determined. For this to occur TasWater will issue a Request for Quotation to one of our Accredited Contractors and they will provide a cost and a date that the works will be performed. We will then provide you with a copy of the quote and you are able to discuss the cost and time-frame with the contractor directly. The quote will be valid for 30 days and if you do not accept it within that period, a new quote will be required. This may also mean a re-application for your connection. 

TasWater’s Accredited Contractors

TasWater has entered into a contract with a number of contractor’s across the state to install connections for FY2018/19 and have a panel of six providers that are permitted to connect into TasWater infrastructure. The panel services every corner of Tasmania and in general, every location has at least three providers that we can source works from. 

The panel members are:

Panel Member

Regions Covered

Water Industry Solutions  Pty Ltd


Paneltec Pty Ltd

North/North East

CML Utility Services Pty Ltd

North West

Stornoway Maintenance Pty Ltd


Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd


Shaws Contracting (Aust) Pty Ltd


If you are building a house or developing land and preparing for your connection, TasWater encourages you to contact one of the above providers to start planning your project prior to submitting an application. You may arrive at a pre-agreed time for the works before making application to TasWater and can nominate your chosen provider and timeframe on your application form. 


TasWater is happy to answer any questions you may have about a new Service Connection, please send us your questions and suggestions by emailing: