Company Induction Registration Form

TasWater has engaged the services of Rapid Induct, a fully customisable e-learning software system to facilitate the delivery of the TasWater General Safety Induction (formally Contractor Induction). 

The use of an E-Learning platform shall enable Contract Organisations to self-manage bookings of employees requiring inductions and allow enough time for their employees to complete the TasWater General Safety Induction prior to attending TasWater.

NOTE: If your Business is seeking registration as a vendor please contact to register your intent to undertake works for TasWater prior to submitting an Induction request.

How does a Contract Company request access to the Induction?

If your organisation is a current vendor with TasWater and requires access to the Induction portal, please confirm with your Business Manager/Owner that you are authorised to complete the following form on behalf of your organisation and submit.

Your organisation shall then receive an email requiring additional business details and insurances to be uploaded in order to complete the registration process.

For individual contract employees seeking to undertake the induction or renew an induction please contact your Business Manager/Owner to confirm if they have been registered. Contract employee induction keys will be issued by the registered Business Administrator identified within your organisation.  

For further information please contact

Please note that the induction email account is only monitored during normal business hours and is not monitored at Weekends or Public Holidays. There may be delays in processing your request in the initial implementation of this process, please ensure you allow enough time for the registration to be undertaken and obtain your Administration Access Code.


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