Community request drives sewerage consultation at Gravelly Beach

Community request drives sewerage consultation at Gravelly Beach

Gravelly Beach property owners are invited to an information session in March after a request from the West Tamar Council that TasWater explores community interest in the introduction of sewerage services in the area.

Head of Communications and Engagement Callan Paske said the process to investigate an introduction of services was triggered by this community request.

“The West Tamar Council forwarded a community petition in May 2023, signed by 114 residents, asking us to explore options for introducing reticulated sewerage services to the township,” Mr Paske said.

“After doing some preliminary design work and cost estimations, now is the time to have a conversation with the community and explore just how much interest there is for these services.”

Mr Paske said the next stage of planning would only proceed if 50 per cent of the community supported the proposal, and the service introduction would only be delivered if at least 80 per cent of the community committed to it.

“The upfront costs for service introductions are the responsibility of property owners,” Mr Paske said.

“Our $1.5 billion capital investment program over the next five years is committed to maintaining and upgrading our existing infrastructure.

“We cannot reasonably ask our existing customers to also pay for the introduction of new water and sewerage services at the same time.

“In order for service introductions to occur, we must recover our costs from the customers to which the new service would be available, from the provision of external funding contributions (if available), or a combination of the two,” Mr Paske said.

The information session will provide property owners with details of the Service Introduction policy and allow interested community members to directly engage with TasWater staff.

“We will be there to talk to the community, hear their feedback, address their concerns and provide some clarity around how this process came about and what happens from here,” Mr Paske said.

Community information session details:

Date:              Saturday, 2 March 2024

Time:              11.00am – 1.00pm

Location:       Edinburgh Park, 401 Gravelly Beach Road, Gravelly Beach

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