Making a Splash with the JackJumpers

Making a Splash with the JackJumpers

In a win for communities and the environment, TasWater has partnered with the Tasmania JackJumpers to roll out an ambitious statewide refill and reuse water program throughout 2024.

The team’s beloved mascot Jack the Jumper will join with TasWater’s community programs team on a mission to promote tap water, highlight the importance of healthy hydration and reduce Tasmanians' dependence on single-use plastic.

By December 2024, 30 refill stations will be installed in bustling spots across Tasmania, to help reduce some of the 130kg of single-use plastic bottles the average Tasmanian sends to landfill every single year. Over $15 million is spent on bottled water in Tasmania every single year when we have Australia’s best tasting tap water at a fraction of the price.

With Jack’s help we urge all Tasmanians to be refillers not landfillers, and in doing so save big dollars and the environment at the same time!

We are proud of the stunning landscapes and waterways that make our home so special, and this new partnership is part of TasWater’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Our next steps will be to work with Tasmanian councils on finding the best locations to install our new colour refill stations to maximise their impact. Whether your out playing sport or going for a relaxing sport, it’s always important to stay hydrated and this easy access to free, clean, safe, and great tasting drinking water will make that as easy as pushing a button. And don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten about our four-legged friends as the new refill stations with be fitted with pet bowls so nobody is left out.

Keep an eye out for updates on where the first refill stations will be installed over the coming months, and make sure you never leave home without your sustainable, refillable water bottle.

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