Oh humble toilet, take a bow

Oh humble toilet, take a bow

At TasWater, we’ve always respected the humble toilet and the vital service it provides but, on Sunday 19 November, the whole world can join in and pay tribute as we mark World Toilet Day 2023.

“On World Toilet Day, as we salute the cistern, acknowledge the u-bend and honour the porcelain, we will also stop to consider the 3.5 billion people on Earth who live without safely managed sanitation services,” TasWater Head of Communications and Engagement Callan Paske said.

“Sanitation is a human right, a foundation stone of public health and plays a critical role in protecting the environment,” Mr Paske said.

“In Tasmania, we are fortunate to have safe, hygienic, well-managed sanitation systems, thanks to the commitment of TasWater staff who work around the clock, 365 days per year to keep the network running.

“TasWater invests heavily in upgrading and maintaining this vital service and, last year, 35 per cent of our total capital spend was on our sewer network across the state, amounting to more than $73 million,” Mr Paske said.

The maintenance and health of the sewer network is not just TasWater’s responsibility; we also need Tasmanians to play their part. There are several ways customers can help us in our work:

  • When you can, use the half-flush button on your toilet.
  • Fix leaking water and waste pipes.
  • Don’t put food waste, oils, medicines or chemicals down the toilet or drains.

“Please only flush the 3Ps – Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper and help us maintain safe, reliable sewerage systems that protect the health of all Tasmanians,” Mr Paske said.

TasWater is investing $1.5 billion in its network over the next five years to ensure it can continue to deliver exceptional water and sewerage services for a thriving Tasmania.

For more information about World Toilet Day, visit: World Toilet Day


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