Winning water from Fern Tree on the way to the USA

Winning water from Fern Tree on the way to the USA

Raise your glasses… TasWater is proud to announce that Fern Tree, located on the slopes of kunanyi / Mt Wellington, has clinched the title of "Best Tasting Tap Water in Australia" for the third time in eight years. Following its success on the national stage, Fern Tree's water will now compete globally in the upcoming Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event in the USA.

Craig Roberts, TasWater Operator, Bulk Operations South, highlighted the exceptional quality of Fern Tree's water, sourced from rainfall and snowmelt. The blind taste-testing contest, judged by industry experts, recognized the pure taste and clarity of Fern Tree's water, long celebrated by the local community.

Steve Westgate, TasWater Manager Water Quality, expressed excitement at the national win and hopes for a repeat of the success achieved by Rossarden in 2021, which won the world's best at the Berkeley Springs event. Westgate emphasized the dedication of TasWater operators and the significant investment, nearly $120 million, made in water treatment last year to ensure the delivery of great tasting, safe, and reliable drinking water.

This accomplishment aligns with Tasmania's reputation for quality produce, adding water to the list of celebrated commodities. TasWater's ongoing commitment is reflected in its $1.5 billion investment over the next five years to uphold exceptional water and sewerage services for a thriving Tasmania.

The 34th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event is scheduled for February 2024.

Past winners - “Tasmania’s Best Tasting Tap Water”
2023 – Fern Tree, Greater Hobart
2022 – Fern Tree, Greater Hobart
2021 - Rocky Creek, Greater Hobart
2020 – Rossarden, also won 2020 Australia’s Best Tasting Water and 2021 Best in World
2019 – Mount Leslie, Launceston
2018 – Bryn Estyn, Greater Hobart
2017 – Fenton, Greater Hobart
2016 – Barrington, also won 2016 Australia’s Best Tasting Water
2015 – Waratah, north-west Tasmania
2014 – Bicheno, east coast
2013 – Chimney Saddle, northern Tasmania

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