Annual reports

Please find below the annual reports of the Water and Sewerage Corporations previous to the merger of TasWater on 1 July, 2013.

2017-18 Annual Report

TasWater Annual Report 

2016-17 Annual Report

TasWater Annual Report  

2015-16 Annual Report
TasWater Annual Report  

2014-15 Annual Report
TasWater Annual Report   

2013-14 Annual Report
TasWater Annual Report 

2012-13 Annual Reports
Cradle Mountain Water
Ben Lomond Water
Southern Water

2011-12 Annual Reports
Cradle Mountain Water
Southern Water
Ben Lomond Water

Previous Annual Reports for the four corporations since 2008-09 can be made available electronically on request.

Annual Water and Sewerage Performance reports

The Economic Regulator prepares a State of the Industry Report each year which details TasWater’s performance. Copies of these reports are available here.

Annual Drinking Water Quality reports

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2013-14      
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2014-15
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2015-16
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2016-17

If you would like to see the underlying data for the 2016-2017 report, please click on the documents below:


Corporate plans

Long Term Strategic Plan

Click here to read our Long Term Strategic Plan

Price and Service Plan

Details on TasWater's current Price and Service Plan can be found here.


TasWater glossary

Capital Works Industry Briefing

Major capital works listing financial year 2016-17

Capital Works Industry Briefing presentation

External reports

Review of Harvey et al (2015), Project 1094-15 Water for the wellbeing of all Australians June 2015

The Water Getters book

For nearly two centuries drama, adventure and great engineering feats have marked Hobart’s bid to quench its thirst.

The Water Getters tells how a settlement was chosen for its proximity to water, how its people searched for new sources, and how they expanded their reach to distant regions in order to water a city. This intriguing collection of stories, interwoven with previously unpublished facts, maps and memories, is also the story of mountain springs, alpine lakes and a grand river.

The Water Getters unveils the great dreams, plans and labours of our state and civic leaders, and of our humble workmen. Good and bad, visionary or self-serving, these people leap off the pages in the unfolding dramas that accompanied each step forward.

This is a book for those who enjoy history, are fascinated by engineering or who, quite simply, love water.

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