Trade Waste and your business

For all trade waste enquiries please call the Trade Waste Hotline on (03) 6422 5444 or email

Commercial Customers

Industrial Customers

Tankered Customers

What is trade waste?

Trade waste refers to any liquid waste generated by a business that does not include domestic sewage from toilets, hand wash basins and showers. Trade waste may be more concentrated, higher in volume or pose a greater risk to people and the environment. Typical examples of trade waste include fats, food, oils, grease, solvents, paints, pesticides and other chemicals.

Why manage trade waste?

TasWater’s sewerage network is designed for the transport and treatment of liquid waste from typical household activities. When untreated trade waste enters our network it damages pipes and causes blockages and spills. It can also disrupt the sewage treatment process, harm the environment, and present a safety risk to the public, TasWater staff and contractors - particularly in the case of flammable chemicals. TasWater also has a commitment to minimise the impact of sewage on the environment. One of the ways we do this is by requiring our trade waste customers to install compliant pre-treatment systems to reduce the amount of unwanted substances entering our sewerage network for treatment. Please see our Trade Waste Policy for more information.

What makes a trade waste customer?

TasWater will categorise a business as a trade waste customer if they are conducting a non-residential or commercial activity. Some typical customer examples are outlined below. Please use our trade calculator to determine your business category here.



Automotive service workshops


Car/Plant/machinery/truck wash


Panel Beating / Spray Painting


Service Station/Refuelling depot

Food and beverage manufacturers

Machinery repair workshop

Meat processing plants

Hairdressers/beauty salons

Seafood processors


Metal finishing

Nursing homes


Child care centres



Chemical plants

Schools and colleges

Pharmaceutical manufacturers


Large swimming pools




Landfill leachate

Any businesses with a commercial kitchen

Function halls/sporting clubs

Medical businesses, including dentists and vets

Animal wash