Trade Waste

About Trade Waste

Trade waste is a term used to describe liquid waste that is more variable and diverse in volume and quality than typical household wastewater. Trade waste places additional demand and impact on the sewerage system over and above residential waste. The increased demand increases the risks to the community, the environment and TasWater.

Trade waste disposal to sewer is managed by TasWater to minimise the risks and potential for increased costs associated with the transport and treatment of trade waste. TasWater is committed to working with our trade waste customers to ensure the quantity and quality of trade waste discharged is acceptable for discharge to the sewerage system.

For a copy of our trade waste policy click here.

Commercial customers pre-treatment guidelines

The TasWater Commercial Customer Pre-treatment Guidelines provides information to customers regarding TasWater’s pre-treatment requirements. For a copy of the Commercial Pre-treatment Guidelines, click here.

TWS-C-0001-2 Bucket Trap
TWS-C-0001-3 Sink Strainer Units
TWS-C-0001-5 External Mechanical Washdown Area with Silt Trap
TWS-C-0001-6 Fuelling Areas - Service Stations
TWS-C-0001-7 Settleable Solids Arrestor
TWS-C-0001-11 Commercial Laundries
TWS-C-0001-10.B Cooling Pit

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Trade Waste Customers

Any customer who is responsible for a business that discharges trade waste to sewer is receiving a trade waste service from TasWater, and has a legal obligation to apply for permission to discharge the waste from that business.

Customers are separated into Commercial and Industrial groups according to the type of trade waste they discharge to sewer.

Commercial customers are businesses who are classified as Category 1 or Category 2 customers.

Typical business activities considered to be Commercial include:

  • Animal boarding 
  • Automotive service repair 
  • Bakery
  • Bed and breakfast (onsite restaurant facilities for general public)
  • Bowling green (commercial kitchen)
  • Car wash
  • Catering
  • Church/place of worship
  • College tertiary
  • Community centre/halls (commercial kitchen)
  • Correction centre
  • Green grocer
  • Hairdresser/beauty salon
  • Hospital
  • Laboratories
  • Laundromat
  • Licenced club
  • Medical (including dentist and vet)
  • Nursery/horticulture
  • Nursing home/care (commercial kitchen)
  • Panel/body repair
  • Plant/machinery Hire
  • Primary/secondary school
  • Pub/bar/hotel
  • Restaurant/café
  • Small goods/butcher
  • Sports stadium (commercial kitchen)
  • Supermarket
  • Swimming pool
  • Take away/fast food       


Trade Waste Customer Support Program

To reduce the risks associated with trade waste TasWater created the Commercial Compliance Program, to help Tasmanian businesses become trade waste compliant by installing pre-treatment systems to minimise the amount of trade waste entering our sewerage network.

To support our Category 2 trade waste customers TasWater is offering a no-interest repayment scheme to help cover the cost of installing or upgrading a compliant trade waste pre-treatment system.

For eligible category 1 and 2 trade waste customers who are already fully compliant, TasWater will discount trade waste fixed charges by 10 per cent for four years commencing 1 July 2018.

Category 1 and 2 customers that become compliant during the four year period from 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2022 without accessing the Customer Support Program are also eligible for a 10 per cent discount.

More information about the customer support program and how to apply, please Click here

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