Trade Waste

Information regarding TasWater's trade waste helpline can be found here.

What is trade waste?

Trade waste is any liquid waste or substance discharged into the sewerage system from a business premise other than normal domestic sewage. Only trade wastewater which complies with specific guidelines may be discharged into the sewerage system. All companies and businesses operating in Tasmania that are discharging trade wastewater into the sewerage system need to be aware of our trade wastewater requirements.

Why manage trade waste?

TasWater’s sewerage network is designed for the transport and treatment of liquid waste from typical household activities. When untreated trade waste enters our network it damages pipes and causes blockages and spills. It also disrupts the sewage treatment process, damages the environment and presents a safety risk to the public, TasWater staff and contractors – particularly in the case of flammable chemicals. TasWater also has a legal obligation to minimise the impact of sewage on the environment. One of the ways we do this is by requiring our trade waste customers to install compliant pre-treatment systems to reduce the amount of unwanted substances entering our sewerage network for treatment.

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Commercial Waste

Industrial Waste

Tankered Waste

What makes a trade waste customer?

TasWater categorises trade waste customers as either commercial or industrial depending on the type of trade waste they discharge into our sewerage network. Some typical customer examples are outlined below, with more detailed category information and associated charges available here

Commercial Waste

                                                                           Food Preparation



Boarding House


Butcher / Small Goods

Ice-cream parlour

Café / Coffee Shop / Sandwich Shop

Juice bar

Chicken and Poultry shop

Motel / Hotel

Child care centre

Nursing home / Care Home (Kitchen)

Commercial kitchen / Caterer


Restaurant / Function centre

Fast food outlet / takeaway


Fish shop / fresh or cooked

Garbage bin area


Motor Trade Activity

Bus / coach /truck depot refuelling

Mechanical Workshop

Bus / coach /truck washing

Panel Beating / Spray Painting

Car detailing

Radiator repair

Engine / gear box reconditioning

Service Station

Lawn Mower Repair

Truck Wash

Others including

Animal wash

Hydroponic agriculture

Boiler blowdown


Ceramics /pottery /painting


Dental surgery

Mobile carpet cleaning

Optical service

Doctors surgery

Pet shop retail

Dry cleaning

Photographic processing

Exhaust canopy filter cleaning

School / College/Tertiary –cooking activities

Screen printing

Funeral parlour

Stone working

Garbage bin washing

Swimming pool / spa


Veterinarian and animal kennels

Industrial Waste


Land fill

Beverage manufacturers

Large laundry


Pharmaceutical product manufacturers

Chemical blenders




Food manufacturers


Food processors



Other activities that produce a high-risk liquid waste

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