Cygnet Sewerage Upgrade

What’s this project all about?

TasWater has two major sewerage infrastructure projects planned for Cygnet.  These are:

  • Cygnet Outfall relocation
  • Sewage Pump Station upgrades

Cygnet is a small town located between the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and the Huon River.  We are working towards providing better environmental outcomes for the region.

Cygnet outfall relocation

In May 2023, we will commence work to move the existing outfall from the mudflats within the Port Cygnet Conservation Area.  The new outfall will be constructed under the seabed at a depth of 6 metres and positioned 150 meters offshore from Crooked Tree Point, an area that has been identified as providing optimal dilution and dispersion.  This project will significantly improve the health of the Port Cygnet conservation area and the surrounding environment.

Cygent outfall

Sewage Pump Stations upgrade

Six sewage pump stations (SPS) in Cygnet will be upgraded to improve safety conditions for our employees and reduce the risk of sewage spills during wet weather events. 

The six pump stations which will undergo the upgrade are:

Cygent SPS map

Underground SPS storage tanks

Underground storage tanks will be installed at several pump stations around Cygnet.  This will reduce the risk of overflow events during wet weather.

Project timeline

May 2023

The Cygnet Outfall Relocation Project commenced.

Contract award for the Cygnet Sewage Pump Station Upgrades is currently in negotiation.  The underground storage tanks have been constructed.  

June 2023

Construction of the new outfall has been completed.  

Work will now commence on the new pipeline along the Channel Highway and under the Nicholls Rivulet.

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