Technical Standards

Condition of use

The TasWater specifications, drawings and approved product lists have been prepared to assist in the design and construction of water and sewerage infrastructure.  The documents are designed to be used in conjunction with each other and where applicable by a suitably qualified person in combination with your development services application. TasWater does not consider the documents suitable for use for any other purpose.

The documentation only provides the minimum requirements and in some instances generic information only. The information on this website should not be regarded as either comprehensive or an adequate substitution for further investigation or input from a suitably qualified person.

It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure that designs comply with all the relevant Australian Standards and other regulations.

It is the responsibility of the designer and the developer to ensure that safe construction methods are used and that the construction work complies with the approved design drawings and all the relevant standards and regulations.

If you use these documents for any purpose which is not consistent with the above (including, without limitation, for carrying out any investigations, design, construction, engineering, maintenance or other work), you do so at your own risk. 

The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) codes can be purchased directly from the WSAA online bookshop.

WSAA Bookshop Reference


WSAA Code & Version


Sewage Pumping Code


WSA 04-2005 Version 2.1



 Sewerage Code of Australia – Melbourne Retail Water Agencies Integrated Code


WSA 02- 2014-3.1 MRWA Version 2.0


 Water Supply Code of Australia – Melbourne Retail Water Agencies Integrated Code


WSA 03-2011-3.1 MRWA Version 2


 Pressure Sewerage Code of Australia


WSA 07-2007


Any modifications or improvements to the WSAA Codes will be progressively added to this website in the form of TasWater Supplements.


Specifications and drawings

Sewage pump station electrical documentation

Asset data specifications

Sample data templates (for testing and feedback)

Terms and conditions

These are TasWater’s standard easement precedents for use with a Schedule of Easements and transfer. They provide for the rights that are to attach to any easement TasWater is granted. They do not define the relevant parcel of land or the part of that land that the easement is granted over.

The inclusion of these things is the responsibility of the relevant legal practitioner preparing the documentation. The Schedule of Easements precedent includes a place for the relevant lot and easement land to be directly inserted. The precedent to be used with a transfer will require the inclusion of the relevant land and easement land in the transfer by reference to the certificate of title and plan that is used for the purposes of the creation easement.

Approved product lists

TasWater has adopted the City West Water (CWW) Approved Products Catalogues. The CWW Approved Products Catalogues can be downloaded from CWW Approved Products.

Any modifications to the CWW Products Catalogues will be progressively added to this website in the form of TasWater Product Supplements.  Only the most current products listed in the CWW Approved Products Catalogues together with any amendments contained within the TasWater Product Supplement are allowed for use in the TasWater service area.

Please note that TasWater has specific requirements in relation to Electrical and SCADA equipment and instrumentation which differs from the CWW Pump Station Systems Product Catalogue and contact should be made with TasWater’s Electrical Design Section to obtain further details.


TasWater welcomes your input into the ongoing development of standards and approved product lists and you are encouraged to submit your suggestions by emailing: